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Neurological problems and treatments by our Best Neurosurgeons


People of all ages are affected by neurological problems, which have become more common. The brain, spine, and nerves that connect it to other body parts are all issues treated in neurology. A minor issue with any of the aforementioned systems can affect the body’s ability to function as a whole. Evya Hospitals Best Neurosurgeon in LB Nagar are  one-stop solution for all the concerns irrespective of the fact that there are almost 600 different types of neurological disorders, including epilepsy, brain tumours, strokes, and Parkinson’s disease. The majority of people are aware about this disease and the possible treatments for it. Best Neurosurgeon in LB Nagar are renowned for providing the best and most efficient treatments, which not only provide relief from your neurological issues but also protect you from possible future risks.

best Neurosurgeon in LB Nagar

A few of the most common neurological issues are listed below: 


Parkinson’s disease: 


It is a neurological disorder that affects physical movement. This condition typically begins with a visible hand movement that grows slowly and slows down body motions. Muscle stiffness and shivering in the limbs, hands, or fingers might follow, restricting movement. One further sign that is quite obvious is a change in speech. The symptoms of these illnesses cannot be completely treated, but the Best Neurosurgeon in LB Nagar can prescribe drugs like carbidopa-levodopa, dopamine agonists, etc. to lessen the symptoms.




It is a neurological condition that causes irregular brain function and is to blame for people’s abnormal behaviour. Based on other medical problems and the effects of hereditary problems, epilepsy symptoms might vary. Loss of awareness or wakefulness, short-term confusion, and other symptoms are the main ones. EEG, High-density EEG, CT scan, MRI scan, and other neurological and blood tests are used to diagnose these issues. These neurological conditions may be addressed by the neurosurgeons at evya hospital, the Best Neurosurgeon in LB Nagar, with the use of a few drugs and operations.