Nephrologist in Lb nagar

Nephrology & Dialysis

Evya Hospital has the best Nephrologist in Lb Nagar, issues that are related to the kidney and its mechanism are comprised within the nephrology branch of medical science. There are certain issues that affect the kidney and its mechanism making a great change in your regular physical activities. Kidney diseases affect your body slowly and its symptoms are also not that noticeable most of the time. A few major symptoms which indicated kidney issues are itching, less hunger, swelling in feet and ankles, muscle cramps, too much urine or not enough urine, difficulties in breathing, and so on these are a few of the most common symptoms. If you are facing any of the issues mentioned then you must immediately consult the best Nephrologist in Lb Nagar, Hyderabad who can diagnose your issue promptly and serve you with the most effective treatment.

When is dialysis required?

when you develop end-stage of KIDNEY FAILURE usually by time lose about 85 to 90 percent damage of kidney function and have a GFR of less than 15

We have the best team of a nephrologist who is highly skilled and experienced in the care and treatment of various kidney diseases and has been serving this medical sector for many years which makes our hospital one of the most appropriate options to serve the best treatment. We have treated a number of patients with even severe kidney issues and have succeeded in each case. We are the most renowned hospitals and exposure to the latest medical technologies and equipment makes us one of the best options available in Hyderabad.

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